Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GIVEWAY!!! The Bargain Olympics- Just Between Friends Sale

The buzz has started....Pittsburgh moms are posting, chatting, and sharing about the upcoming fall Just Between Friends consignment sale. I have received texts for "When are you shopping? Are you volunteering?? Want a drink afterwards??" There are threads in my mom's groups about it. Us Pittsburgh mommas love a bargain!! Held every May and September, this is where I find most of mine. 
The last four sale, I have scored so many great finds. What is Just Between Friends? Its a franchise of kid's consignment sales across the US. Check the website if you're not in Pittsburgh- I am sure there is one close by. Its run by local moms, staffed by volunteers, and just from top-to-bottom is organized and beautifully run. It gets busy, so my mom and I deem it the Bargain Olympics- we go armed with lists, plans of attack, and a meeting place. Its also huge, so you can get lost. We get such a thrill out of bargain hunting. 
What have I found at JBF? A Radio Flyer trike for $9. Two giant bags of name-brand Thomas the Train, with a draw bridge, roundhouse, a zillion miles of track, two other bridges, and about 15 engines/cargo cars- $60. That's right. $60. For about $350 worth of Thomas toys. Stride Rite shoes, never worn, $5. 

Why do I like this sale better than most? 
*Its organized. By size, by season, by gender. And the volunteers work to keep it that way. 
*The stuff is in great shape. Most looks new. 
*The toys and baby gear are so well organized, you can go to the Thomas or Elmo or Jake The Neverland Pirate table and get what you need. 
*Its fun! Running into moms, finding a great deal, coming home and suprising your kiddo.
*Its affordable. Parenting is expensive, and I quit my full-time job when Eli was born. Without sales such as this, we would be hurting financially. 

This fall's sale is September 20-22nd at the Robert Morris Dome on Neville Island. Its an easy drive from the city or the North Hills. Hours are on the site. I recommend taking some reusable shopping bags or a laundry basket with a dog leash tied to it to drag you stuff (no wagons allowed!) 

Want to shop the 19th?? Well, adoptive and foster families, first time moms, teachers, and military get to pre-shop after 4pm on Thursday the 19th. AND I am raffling off two passes to pre-shop Thursday night. Hooray for getting the best bargains!!! Also, if you volunteer, you can shop Thursday before you get to hang out with other moms, help a great local event, and get the best deals. Win-win-win. 

How to enter!! Leave a comment with the best used bargain you ever found- or what you want to find this year! Winner will be drawn via Sunday September 15th at 6pm. 

You can comment twice, for two entries, answering each question. Have at it mommas! (And dads! Though my husband won't attend with me, and has guy night with Eli instead, there is a smattering of dads there). 

In addition, if you want a pass to waive the $3 entry fee for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, send me an email and you can get one from me, either at my job in Cranberry or my house near Zelienople. You won't regret trying out this sale!!
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  1. Best used bargain, hard to decide! We got a mint condition 32gb first generation nexus 7 tablet for the price most people sold their semi-broken 8gb ones this summer. I think that's the best bargain in recent memory.

  2. I think one of my best used bargains was a 3t Steelers jersey for $3.

  3. My best find this summer was a coach diaper bag for $25. Even if it may be fake ;)

  4. I have a list started of what I need to find but we could use a booster seat and clothes for Easton to name a few.

  5. Best bargain? - how bout free AC repair yesterday? Major blessing from the best HVAC guy in the world. (I don't need the free pass, though. ;))

  6. What I want to find...dress clothes for H, black pants for C, and clothes for our family photo. Maybe a few toys or DVDs too...

  7. I think our best buy at JBF was a pair of brand name sneakers in like new condition for, like, $3. (I think, but all the the consignment sales run together in my head.)

  8. My better half tends to know what we need in terms of clothing. I tend to look at the other incedentals: books, toys, etc. So, I'd love to find good condition building blocks (Duplo type)for a good price. The kid has really taken to playing with the few we have.


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