Thursday, September 12, 2013

World's Easiest Chicken Pot Pie

I've been chatting over on Facebook about things I make and freeze. I don't do the whole "make a months worth at once" yet, it sort of overwhelms me...I'd like to try it, but it seems very ambitious! So, instead, whenever I am making something for dinner, I just double the recipe and freeze half once it's cooked. This doesn't require as much planning as a whole month at once. 
The easiest recipe to double (or triple!) is my best friend's mom's chicken pot pie recipe. It tastes absolutely amazing and seems like you worked really hard, but you didn't. And, it freezes awesomely and tastes the same a month later as it did fresh. Below is the ingredients for one, you can easily make up to four at a time. Its also great to give to moms who just had a baby, if they are nursing, cause it doesn't contain the ingredients I am told typically cause nursing problems. 
What to Buy:
A two-pack of frozen pie crusts (or whatever kind you like, but these are easy!) 
10oz bag frozen mixed veggies of your choice. I like peas, carrots, green beans, corn variety
1 jar of chicken gravy OR 1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup Bisquick
Chicken- I use frozen chicken tenderloins, about 5 per pie. You could use two chicken breasts also.
What to Do:
Cook the chicken and shred it in a big pot. I dump frozen tenderloins into a pot with about a cup of water and let them defrost and cook all at once. I shred with salad tongs and a mashed potato masher. You can shred in a mixer or by hand also. 
When the chicken is cooked, drain the water. 
Add the veggies, Bisquick, and can/jar of gravy or soup. Stir it up. If it seems a little clumpy add a dash of milk or water. Salt and pepper to taste.
Spoon the mixture into one pie crust. Put the other pie crust on top and pinch the edges. Bake the pie according to package instructions. 
If you're making multiple pies, just double or triple what is in the pot so you still are using only one pot. Its easy!!
For freezing, I  wrap the pie in saran wrap. I then put the extra pie tin that you will have left over from making the top of the pie on top, to make sure the pie doesn't get crushed. I wrap this all in foil and label. It will keep about 3 months. 
And toddler tummies LOVE it!!

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