Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Nest is Full... Of love, and of Babies!

Hi dear friends! I know we have been silent for about six weeks...and some of you have noted that the last time we went "silent" Eli was born. Well, you're right! At the end of October, just before Eli turned two, we were blessed beyond all comprehension by the birth of boy/girl twins, N & E.

 Their birthmom placed them with us Novemer 3rd, and we were able to come home to Pennsylvania November 6th. Please grant me some grace as I find the words and way to tell their story. In a million ways, it's different than Eli's. And in a million ways it reminds me of his story. Heartache and love, our joy coming at someone else's loss. This adoption brings changes to our journey. A long-distance open adoption (just one state over but too far for a day trip!). A transracial adoption. A sibling placement- the twins are the only two people in our family biologically linked. Plus raising three children born within two years, and all the challenges that brings. So far Eli has done amazing as a big brother. Some days are hard but it's always worth it. 

We realize our journey has once again been faster than most, and we are ever cognizant of the hurt that causes those of you still waiting. I truly believe that if God puts this call in your heart, He will fulfill that desire He planted.  My prayer is that for you. That you see the glory of His plan- even with all the messiness and uncertainty of adoption- and feel comfort in that. 

Early in this second adoption, I proclaimed to everyone we talked to "Our wait will be long. I know it. No way we will be blessed that quickly twice."  When we were matched with the twins expectant mom, I was shocked. Looking at a calendar, we found out about our matches on day 47 of both of our waits. I don't think God likes it when I say how much or how often I think He will bless us ;) My repeated "no way that will happen again"-- His plan is bigger than any of that worldly insecurity. 

I will share some pieces of the twins story, and our family as whole, as I find time over the next couple weeks. Typing blog posts from the mobile app while holding two babies and chasing a toddler- forgive the typos!! 

In Him, 



  1. Gah!
    Congratulations on your newest blessings!
    Looking forward to reading more ...

  2. So, so thrilled for you! God is good. I am sure that your hands feel too full in some moments but His grace is enough and his plans and timing are perfect. Blessings to you and your suddenly expanded family!!

  3. Wow, what an amazing story! I'm so happy for you and your sweet nest!

  4. This is precious. Rejoicing for your family!!

    I'm blessed to have found your blog through Gabby's FB page today :D

  5. Congratulations! What a precious story!
    - Kathryn www.singingthroughtherain.net


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